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Head Start/Early Head Start Services

A Center based or Full Day Full Year option program with individualized instruction is provided. This helps your child develop socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development. Parents are encouraged to become an integral part of the child’s learning process. De-pending on your family’s needs, this instruction may occur in the classroom or in the home.

Family Services
Head Start/Early Head Start provides counseling, referrals, and assistance to families in becoming aware of community resources available that may benefit their family. Head Start’s Family Advocates help to promote independence, personal growth and self-sufficiency in families.

Disabilities Services
Disabled children and their families receive the full range of Head Start / Early Head Start developmental services. In addition, Head Start staff members work closely with community agencies to provide services which meet the special needs of the disabled child. Services for children identified include outreach and recruitment, screening, professional diagnosis, development and implementation of IFSP or IEP and transition services into and out of Head Start are also provided.

A comprehensive health program is provided to promote preventive health services and early intervention. Families are introduced to a network system that links them to ongoing health care. Head Start health services include:

  • Medical, Vision and Dental Exams

  • Speech/Language, Hearing and Developmental Screening

  • Nutritional and Growth Assessments

  • Mental Health Services

  • Follow-up care as needed


Parent Involvement
Parents are an essential part of the Head Start program. You may become active participants in classroom and group activities in program planning and the decision-making process. You will have opportunities to learn, grow and become more effective parents.

Collaboration with our local school districts allows us to provide transportation for many of our center-based Head Start students to and/or from school. Transportation is not provided to and/or from school for our EHS and FDFY children.

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